What is crowdfunding?

The main idea of ​​crowdfunding is to implement large projects by dozens, if not hundreds, of individuals with joint efforts. For those who have a different, exciting and creative idea, crowdfunding is an easy way to introduce it to a large number of people, get society’s support, attract loyal customers, and gain funding to implement the idea.

And for people who want to spend money on productive business ideas, support social projects, pre-purchase a product, etc., crowdfunding is an easy, secure and reliable way to do that.

What is Fundraiser.ge?

Fundraiser.ge is Georgian crowdfunding platform, about which you can find more information in the "Our Story" column

How to start a campaign?

All you need to do is start with a special desire to change the world around you for the better.

Each campaign launched with us serves to change our environment for the better.
To get started with a project, follow the link: Start the campaign easily.

How long does the campaign last?

The campaign on the Fundraiser.ge lasts at least 10 days and a maximum of 60 days. 

Why should I fund a campaign?

There are too many answers to this question. First of all, by investing money in the project, you can pre-purchase the product or service at the initial price and thus promote the future development of the project, which is a really justified reason to invest, because you will not find the same product or service at that price.

You will also become a supporter of the project and contribute to the development of Georgian production, if you turn the ideas of social projects into reality. You do not only buy a product or service, but also participate in the birth and development of different companies, keeping an eye on its success, in which your role is invaluable.

Who can / cannot place the project

The project can be posted on Fundraiser.ge by any individual or legal entity; 

Political parties and their representatives, Russian citizens and individuals whose bank accounts have been seized by the National Bureau of Enforcement are not eligibleto post the project.

How do i fund a project?

There are two ways to finance a project on our platform: you will meet projects that are funded with (peer2peer donation) and without packages (direct donation).

If you are financing a project divided into packages, you can choose one of the given packages, the specific content and value of which you will see on the project page itself.

When you buy a package (when investing money), you get some benefit/product/service from the author of the project, and the author of the project himself ensures the supply of products purchased with the package and collects the investment money by selling it cheaper than the market price. And, in the case of a social project, the author of the project implements a social project with the money collected by the society, which brings a common benefit to the society.

Direct donation means investing in a project without getting a product or benefit, in which case you become a supporter of a socially important project.