Our story

Our story started a few years ago, when our team had lot of interesting project ideas, however, the funds needed for the implementation were nowhere to be seen. That's when we started to study foreign experience and came to the conclusion that we had to create first Georgian Crowdfunding platform immediately. Well, that did not happen “immediately” but since you are reading this text now, it means that we have achieved the set goal and Fundraiser.ge is ready to meet you.

We started working on specifically Fundraiser.ge 1 year ago. During this time we have been working to attract projects and their authors, testing and creating various models of platform, overcoming a number of problems and finally, with the experience gained in this one year, we are ready to become a financing source for important social and business projects and investment.

We want you to remember: the charm of crowdfunding is that just having a platform is not enough to achieve a goal. For that, we need your involvement and support. Because, through Fundraiser.ge, together we can create the world we want to see.

We are creating a modern platform that gives each person the opportunity to carry out important projects with the joint efforts, support and assistance of the community.

There’s a part of every one of us that dreams of a better world.  The philosophy of crowdfunding is based on the power of the crowd.

 feeling good to join us?
create the world you want to see